Period 3 – U.S. History Honors Lesson Plan (3-4-2015)

U.S. History Header 2Unit:

Unit #1 – A Nation is Born

Chapter #3 – The Birth of Modern America (1877 – 1900)

Section #3 – Early Reforms in a Gilded Age

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to examine the changing patterns of immigration from the 19th through the 20th centuries,  consider the challenges and contributions of immigrants, and analyze the “push” and “pull” influences of immigration (i.e. economic factors, advertising, political oppression, belief in social mobility) to 80% in 3 of 4 trials.

Today’s Objective:

Students will gain introductory level knowledge on immigration and urbanization in the U.S. after the Civil War.

Behavioral Norms (Student Developed):

1.  “Only one person talks at a time” – Noah  (23 votes – approved)

2. “Respect others opinions/ideas” – Rob (31 votes – approved)

3. “Stay on task” – Andrea ( 27 votes – approved)


Melting Pot- many different cultural groups mixed and blended together to form one group, Citizen- a person who is a member of a country either because of being born there or being declared a member by law, Cultural Group- a group in which people belong who share the same language, religion,traditions, family structure,institutions, & economic activity, Immigrant/immigration-a person who enters a country, to live permanently, having come from a different country or homeland, Migration-to move from one region to another, Primary source-records of events as they are first described usually by witnesses or by people who were involved in the event, Secondary source-written records after the events have taken place by people who were not present at the event, Wave-a mass movement or migration of people or animals, Persecution-to treat continually in a way meant to be cruel and harmful, Refugee- a person forced to leave his or her country to find safety or protection, Steerage-an area on the lower deck of a ship where passengers who bought the cheapest tickets traveled under crowded conditions, Tenement-a building divided into separate apartments that is usually poorly maintained and overcrowded, Port of Entry-a place where travelers may enter or leave a country under the supervision of customs officials, Artifact-an object made by human beings (pictures, clothing, documents), Descendent-one who comes from a given ancestor, Ancestor-a person from whom one is descendent and who lived several generations ago


Task #1 – In the interest of space I have put today’s lesson into a powerpoint format that can be downloaded below.

Downloadable File -> U.S. History – Introduction to Immigration Lesson Plan

 Website from Today’s Lesson:

Immigration Data – Interactive Map of Immigration Data – Scholastic

Immigration Stories – StoryCorps – 10 Years of Listening to America – Featured Stories

Immigration Story #1 –  Juliet

Immigration Story #2 – Blanca


Make sure you are working on your questions. You are gaining more evidence to work with each day. To download a copy of the questions use the link below.

Downloadable File -> Civil War Unit – Main Question & Focus Questions