Period 3 – U.S. History Honors Lesson Plans (2-12-2015)

U.S. History Header 2

Good Morning,

The worst of the flu is over I believe and I should be back tomorrow. Today I want you to use a piece of copy paper from up in the front of the room, or in the event that there is none a lined piece of paper, to create a timeline as a reference tool. Your timeline will focus on the causes of the Civil War and the main events during the war. I have posted some resources for you for this project below. Fair warning though I am giving you more information than you will need. This will be an exercise in determining what events are truly important to remember.

Timeline Project Resources:

Website – Causes of the Civil War Timeline

Website – Civil War Timeline – History Place

Website – Civil War Timeline – National Park Service

If you finish this activity early then you can start back in on answering our 10 focus questions for this unit. Remember for each of these questions I want a minimum four sentence response. One claim sentence followed by three sentences of support. I have posted our 10 focus questions again below in case you need them again.

Civil War Focus Questions

  1. Was the Civil War (CW) a war for national supremacy, to end slavery, or another reason?
  2. What parts of society were involved in the CW? And how?
  3. How was the CW fought?
  4. How were civilians affected by the CW? What were the roles of slaves, free blacks, and women?
  5. How were battles fought?
  6. Who were the central figures during the CW?
  7. How did artists depict the CW? (Photographers, political cartoonists, etc.)
  8. What were the key battles?
  9. How did both sides motivate support for the war? (Positive and negative)
  10. What was the outcome of the Civil War?

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