Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (2-12-2015)

Criminal Behavior Header

Good Morning,

The worst of the flu is over I believe and I should be back tomorrow. So far you have gotten experience at looking at the mentalities of prisoners (Wabash Correctional with Stone, Chris Trotter, Miles, and Lukuman), you have seen how four different countries (Russia, U.S., Mexico, and Peru) have set up their prisons and handle their inmates, you have compared and contrasted these different countries in a venn diagram and lastly have gone over discussion questions twice about prisoners and prison life. Today I want you to use a piece of copy paper from up front to design your own prison.

Side One of your Paper:

I want you to list everything you think a prison needs. For example: Guard towers, cells, processing station for new inmates, workout facility, cafeteria, laundry, prison work shop. On this side I want you to also state five main rules you want your prisoners to follow at all times. Then lastly I want you to state your five main regulations for how you expect your guards to work with your inmates.

Side Two of your Paper:

Alcatraz Prison Layout

(click/tap on image to enlarge)

On this side I want you to make a detailed sketch of your prison. On your sketch I want you to label everything so that people can see what it is. Use the above example as a reference.

Keep your work when you are done. I fully expect to be back tomorrow so we can get back on track. Have the sub sign the top part of page one to show you completed your work on time.