Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (2-2-2015)

Criminal Behavior HeaderMorning All,

Sorry I can’t be with you today. While I am gone I want you to do the activity below.


Step 1 – Form into your groups of four.

Step 2 – You will need one piece of paper for the group. Sign all your names on the top right.

Step 3 – You will see a list of questions below. As a group discuss these questions. Each person must come up with their own answer. When you are ready one person at a time will act as the scribe for the group and write everyone’s answers down with a dash followed by the name of the person who said it. You will each be taking turns writing. When you are done there should be four different types of handwriting on the paper. Have the sub sign the top left side of the paper to show you completed it during class. When I see you again I will be collecting your work from today. An example of how your paper should look is also below.


Question: “What evidence did you see that Miles should not be let out of prison early?”


“What I saw was….” – Janet

“The best evidence I could see….” – Tysean

“Miles should not be released early because…” – Dean

“I think…..” – Sean

*******END OF EXAMPLE*******

Questions for Group Discussion (yes you answer each one of the questions below):

#1 – What evidence can you find that helps determine why miles should not be let out of prison soon? (Written by Alexus)

#2 – Why do you think Stone wants to go back to his old prison? (Written by Alan)

#3 – How can you justify that Lukuman wasn’t trying to escape? (Written by Alan)

#4 – How would you modify James Stone’s behavioral therapy? (Written by Alyssa)

#5 – Why was it better to let Chris Trotter go in with all the inmates instead of leaving him in solitary? (Written by Darius)

#6 – What facts can you compile about Miles to show he will never be fit to live in society? (Written by Junior)

#7 – Based on what you know, how would you explain why Chris Trotter would choose to lead a prison riot? (Written by Sabrina)

#8 – What inference can you make about Miles and his Problems? (Written by Alliana)

#9 – What would result if Chris was released back into general population? (Written by Alexus)

#10 – How would you use animal therapy to rehabilitate inmates? (Written by Charles)

#11 – How are Miles and Stone similar? (Written by Anthony)

# 12 – What evidence is there to show that Stone has improved since he has been in prison? (Written by Mariaah)

#13 – What is your opinion on moving stone back to Indiana State? (Written by Aaliyah)

#14 – How would help Stone with Anger Management (Written by Darius/Jose/Michelle)

#15 – Why is it good that Lukuman had his hobby of making sculptures? (Written by Mariaah)

#16 – Why do you think Chris Trotter reads alot? (Written by Alliana)

#17 – What is your general opinion of Chris Trotter? (Written by Christian)

#18 – Do you think Chris Trotter should have gotten the death penalty instead of 148 years? (Written by Michelle)

#19 – Why do you think that Miles was always getting into trouble at a young age? (Written by Christian)

#20 – Based on what you know, how would you explain what happened to Chris Trotter? (Written by Sabrina)

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