Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (1-29-2015)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

The U.S. Prison System


Prison Systems

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

90% of students will be able to state the differences and similarities with different prison systems from around the world as well as know the pros and cons to these various systems.

Today’s Objective: 

Students will use their behavioral analysis of four different inmates from Wabash Correctional SuperMax Facility to do a write assessment on their behavior .

Behavioral Norms (Student Developed):

  1. “Respect others opinions”- Selena (20 votes)
  2. “Staying on task” – Israel /Ally/Kenny ( 21 votes)
  3. “Only one person is allowed to talk at a time” – Charles (22 votes)
  4. “If you feel like you are going to lose control or getting irritated you need to let Mr. Tyler know and stand outside his door” – Tyler (23 votes)


Psychiatric Disorder; organized killer; disorganized killer; prison; inmate


Task #1 – Since today is a minimum day lets focus on our write up. I want you to choose one inmate of the four we observed and do a writeup on them. The content and format for your write up is below.

Theory:__________ (choose one theory of the seven key theories that best explains their behavior)





Organized/Disorganized:_______ (Pick which one you think the inmate is more like)





Mental Disorder: ________(State what mental disorder you think the inmate may have or if you think he isn’t suffering from one state evidence why you believe he does not have one)





Task #2 – As soon as we are done with the write up I want you to give me it and your behavioral observation notes.

Ticket Out the Door:

Directions: Develop two questions based on the material we observed yesterday.

Downloadable file -> Costas Levels of Thinking and Questioning

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