Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (1-21-2015)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Diagnosing Common Psychiatric Disorders associated with Criminal Behavior

Teaching Objective:

Students will finish gathering evidence on the patient known as “Prot” and then write an evidence based essay diganosing his condition


Psychiatric Disorder


Task #1 – Students will pull out their work from Wednesday and from Friday when I was pulled out of the classroom for an Academic Conference and a meeting with the education consultancy group Literacy First to discuss new strategies to imbed into the curriculum.

Task #2 – Lets have a brief discussion about the Costa’s level 3 questions you wrote last Thursday and answered on Friday when I was gone.

Student Work Evidence -> Student Answers to Student Developed Questions (1-21-2015)

Task #3 – In groups I want you to discuss each of the 15 mood disorder case studies you looked at on Monday when I was gone and lets chart them on the whiteboard. Each group will be given a marker and asked to put their diagnosis for each case on the board. After every group is done listing their findings and we have a chance to discuss your answer and the cases lets look at the findings from the Fall 2014 class.

Student Work Evidence Spring 2015 ->

Student Work evidence (1-21-2015)

Compared to student work evidence Fall 2014 – >

criminal-behavior-diagnosing-practice (Fall 2014)

Task #4 – Now we will finish gathering evidence on our patient known as “Prot” by examining film clips from the film K-PAX

Student work evidence ->

K-PAX – Class Behavioral Observations (1-21-2015)


Tomorrow we will start writing our evidence based papers diagnosing Prot. Tonight you need to start brainstorming what psychiatric condition Prot is suffering from and what evidence you will use to back up your claim.