Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (1-16-2015)

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I have to be gone today because all Social Studies teachers are attending an academic conference on campus. While I am gone you are going to attempt to answer the questions you developed about Prot yesterday using Costas Levels of Thinking and Questioning. A copy of these questions can be found on I want you to write the question and give a complete answer with evidence to support your claim. Do not write a quick simple response or you will not receive much credit for it. While I am gone this will be a great opportunity to critically think about the case subject we have been studying and attempting to diagnose. The list of questions you will be answering are written below accompanied by the person who wrote the question. If you are confused as to what the question is asking then ask the person who wrote it what they were trying to ask.

Student Developed Questions from 1-15-2015 –

  1. “What do you think would happen if Prot were to be put under hypnosis again?” – Charles C.
  2. “What evidence can you find to support the belief that Prot had a tragic accident when he was younger?” – Alan Y.
  3. “What do you believe is the overall theme of Prot’s personality?” – Junior
  4. “During the hypnosis session, why do you think Prot creates a story about his “friend’s” father instead of just saying it was his own father?” – Aaliyah B./ Mariaah F./ Aaysha
  5. “How would you change the relationship between the doctor and Prot?” – Sabrina
  6. “How does Prot solving the math problem in the astronomy lab support the belief he really is from K-PAX?” – Darius B.
  7. “How would you help Prot make the distinction between real life and fantasy?” – Jessica
  8. “Why do you think that Prot developed the idea he’s from K-PAX” – Selena
  9. “Based on what you know, how would you describe Prot’s life growing up as a kid?” – Davon M.
  10. “What ideas justify the belief that Prot is delusional?” – Andrea/Sayanara/ Anthony G./Angelo/ Andres/Darius P.
  11. “How would you prove the Prot is from K-PAX and not from Earth?” – Kevin E./ Noe/ Kenndie N.
  12. “How would you describe Prot and Dr. Powell’s relationship right now?” – Haley W.
  13. “ What changes would you make in how Dr. Powell is attempting to help Prot?” – Israel R.
  14. “How would you attempt to fix Prot’s delusion?” – Jada
  15. “What examples can you find to support the fact that Prot’s father died and he accepts it?” – Michelle C.
  16. “Hypothesize why Prot doesn’t like to talk about family” – Jose M.
  17. “How would you test Prot differently than what the doctor did?” – Anthony
  18. “What inferences can you make about Prot by the way he is acting?” – Webb D. / Elaijah
  19. “Why do you think that Prot created a fantasy life?” – Alliana A.
  20. “Predict the outcome of July 27th at 5:51 AM. What do you think will happen to Prot?” – Rashawn G.
  21. “How would you prove that what happened in the past affected Prot mentally in the future?” – Christian S.

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