Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (1-5-2015)

Criminal Behavior Header

Today’s Topic –

The Seven Theories on Why We Commit Crime (Day 1)

Teaching Objective –

Students will be introduced to identifying, analyzing, and then appropriately classifying cases using the seven key theories on why we commit crime.

Teaching Agenda –

Task #1 (Individually) – Introduction to – My website is an integral part of my class experience. I will show you how it works on the computer and on your cell phones. Depending on the number of people who have a smart device with them we will do a quick scavenger hunt through the site. I will also be showing you the class’s Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Task #2 (Individually) – Getting to know you activity – I will be giving you a piece of copy paper. On that copy paper you will outline your hand in the center of the page. Then you will write your name in large letters across the bottom of the page. Once this is done, you will write one fact about yourself that you want others to know on the tip of each of your outlined fingers. When you are all done you will take a piece of painters tape and put your paper on the back wall in the appropriate spot.

Student Work Evidence: (click/tap to enlarge)


Task #3 (Group) – Getting to Know you activity – Two Truths and a Lie – You will be in groups of four for this activity. Introduce yourself to your group members and then tell them two truths and a lie about yourself. Once everyone has gone, each person in the group try to identify the lie each person told. At the end of this activity you will have one spokesperson for the group introduce the people in the group to the class.

Student Work Evidence: (click/tap to enlarge)


Task #4 (Individually) – I will show you a brief note slideshow on the seven key theories on why we commit crime. First we will copy down the terms and the definitions. Slide show = Why Commit Crime – 7 Key Theories

Homework –

Study your vocabulary for a quiz tomorrow morning

Look over the website:

C.C.S.S. –

RH 11-12.2 – Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary that makes clear the relationships among the key details and ideas.