Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (12-8-2014)

Criminal Behavior Header

Note from Mr. Tyler – ” Today I can’t be with you because I was asked to meet with Catapult Learning over at the District Office to discuss curriculum design and instruction with other teachers and administrators”.

Today’s Agenda: 

Step 1 – Get out a piece of notebook paper and put your name, date, and period number on the top right hand corner.

Step 2 – This assignment will be a challenge. List all the units and topics we have discussed in this course so far.

Step 3 – Under each unit and topic you list I want you to state one idea for improving learning about that topic or idea. Do not list the units and topics and write “I’m good”. That will not be accepted as an answer. Use to search for the course units and topics to Criminal Behavior if you are having problems remembering.


Unit – Stalking

Topic – The case of the limo driver and the dancer who killed him.

(Improvement Idea) – Next time you (the teacher) should have us (the students) do a project using the Introduction to stalking notes first before we look at this case.

Topic – Introduction to stalking notes

(Improvement Idea) –  Next time maybe you (the teacher) should have us (the students) do some activities with these notes because many of us just looked at them and put them away and never looked at them again.

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