Period 2 – Mock Trial Lesson Plan (12-3-2014)

CCHS Mock Trial HeaderTopic:

Finalizing Witness Questions


Students will have questions ready for court that are as objection proof as possible.


Step #1 – You have had the last two days to work on both questions and answers. Today each group will be given a laptop. Create a new word document and finalize your questions for both prosecution and defense. We don’t need the answer typed since these tend to fluctuate. Once you are done e-mail me your word document to my work e-mail:

Additional Information:

Each group will only be responsible for one witness. Here are the group leaders and the witnesses they are in charge of.

Group 1 – Leader – Brenda – Witness – Jaime

Group 2 –  Leader – Rebecca – Charlie Gibbons

Group 3 – Leader – Paula – Evan Shem/T.M. Little

Group 4 – Leader- Jennifer – Sidney Ogden

Group 5 – Leader –  Vivianna – Marty McCullough