Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (12-2-2014)

Criminal Behavior Header

I am day #2 of my Restorative Justice training. Sorry I can’t be with you guys. While I am gone I want you to work on a Criminal Behavior Review Quiz (You have taken a similar review quiz to the one you will see today. I am curious to see if, when compared to the last review quiz, the scores go up or down. I will post results today)

Task #1 – Form into groups of four.

Task #2 – One person in the group will be the “Technician” and have a cell phone that can access “”. The other three members of the group will need lined paper and they will need to write their names on the top right of this paper.

Task #3 – Once you figure out your group’s technician have them go to “” and enter the room number: a89559b4

Task #4 – Now have the technician enter the first name and last initial of each person in the group. (Run out of room? Shorten the names down further. I want to know who is working with who)

Task #5 – The Technician with the phone will read the questions that pop up to the group and the students with the paper will copy down the questions and write down their responses to the questions.

Task #6 – Talk about your responses as a group and have the technician type in your agreed upon response and hit “Submit”. Do this for every question that comes up. I will be monitoring your responses remotely to see how fast and slow each group is moving.

Task #7 – When you finish the questions the technician will hit “logout” on the top right of their screen. The group members who wrote down their responses will hand them in.

If you run into any problems e-mail me at or post your questions directly on the site.