Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (11-21-2014)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Organized Crime – Weapons Smuggling


Students will become introduced to the problem of weapons smuggling in the United States and attempt to develop a good idea for determining how the State and Federal  government could attempt to crack down on this form of smuggling.


Task #1 – First go ahead and fold the paper given to you into Cornell note style paper.

Task #2 – Brief verbal introduction to the concept of smuggling and how it relates to organized crime.

Task #3 – Determine our essential question for today’s activity.

Result: How can the U.S. States and Government counteract weapons smuggling without stepping on people’s rights or those of other countries?

Task #4 – We are going to see a brief 20 minute documentary on the problem of weapons smuggling into and out of the United States.

Task #5 – Last 4 minutes is for writing out of answers for Ticket Out the Door today.

Ticket out the Door:

Look over your Cornell notes today and attempt to answer the this question: “What method would you propose to the government to help curb the amount of illegal weapons smuggling that occurs in the United States?”


Period 2 – Mock Trial Lesson Plan (11-21-2014)

CCHS Mock Trial HeaderTopic:

People v Shem – Witness Questioning


Students will revise their previously written questions for witnesses in the case of People v Shem.


Task #1 – First we will form into groups of four.

Task #2 – Your original questions for our witnesses work will be passed back to you.

Task #3- Now that we have spent a couple days getting introduced to objections we will go back and revise our questions.

Task #4 (time depending) – We will go one group at a time and read out the revised questions we have made. It will be the job of the other groups to object to their questions as much as possible. This way we can practice objections as well and work on practicing our questioning skills.


Make sure to study your objections cheat sheets this break!