Daily Teaching Summary (4-16-2014)

Economics We headerPERIOD 1 – Economics

TODAY’S TOPIC – Introduction to the Supply Curve

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will understand how the Law of Supply works in real life through activities, video clip analysis,  and brief notes.


Step 1 – Students will begin with a few brief notes on what the Law of Supply is.

Step 2 – Paper Cup Activity with a single student to show how  a worker will produce more when he or she receives more money for each cup they make.

Step 3 – Now that we have looked at the Law of Supply in general lets go back into the notes for a bit more information.

Step 4 – Push- Up Activity – Students will be paid an ever increasing amount of extra credit for more and more push ups to show how the Law of Supply works (reinforcement activity)

Step 5 – Students will dive back into some more notes.

Step 6 – Paper Cup Activity – Now a student will be added to each round of the game to show the increasing, decreasing, and diminishing returns of workers.

HOMEWORK – Review material for a quiz tomorrow.


Chapter 5 – Supply

Criminal Behavior HeaderPERIOD 2,3 – Criminal Behavior

TODAY’S TOPIC – Russian Prisons vs U.S. Prisons

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will analyze the difference between the Russian Prison system and the U.S. Prison System.


Step 1 – Students will decide what type of graphic organizer should be used for this activity.

Step 2 – Students will set up their graphic organizer

Step 3 – Students will be looking at a video created by National Geographic about Russia’s Toughest Prison: Black Dolphin (Maximum Security Prison)

Step 4 – Students will check to make sure they got the correct notes so far on things unique to the Russian Prison system.

Step 5 – Students will now see a short video clip on San Quentin Maximum Security facility in the U.S.

Step 6 – Students will compare and contrast what is unique and the same about both facilities.

HOMEWORK – Think about the differences you have seen between the two prison systems.


YouTube Video: Russian Prison – Black Dolphin

YouTube Video: United States: California: San Quentin 

YouTube Video: United States: North Carolina: Alexander Correctional 


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