Daily Teaching Summary (4-11-2014)

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Period 1 – Economics

Today I have to be in a Leadership meeting with other teachers. Like I told you yesterday you will be practicing using the Demand curve today to show increases and decreases in demand. The assignment we did as a class yesterday will help you out with this. You can use it as a model. If you need additional help you can go to MrTylersLessons.com on your smartphones and I have links to two instructional videos there plus notes from this chapter under “Student Resources” in today’s post.

Today’s Assignment:

Econ 4-11-2014

Step #1 – Copy this Market Demand Schedule onto your paper.

Step #2 – Create a Demand Curve that graphs out the information on the Market Demand Schedule

Example of a demand curve -> Example of a Demand Curve

Step #3 – Answer this question: What do you notice about the relationship between price and quantity?

Step #4 – Answer this question: What is the economic term that represents the relationship you described in the question from Step #3? (Hint: its three words long)

Step #5 – Don’t forget to label your initial demand curve D1.

Step #6 – Show by moving the demand curve what would happen to the Demand level for Bob’s Burgers if several rappers and other artists make commercials supporting his burgers. Don’t forget to put arrows showing the direction you moved the curve and don’t forget to label the new curve D2.

Step #7 – Now that the demand curve has moved to D2 show what would happen to the level of demand if not only those rappers and other artists did commercials supporting Bob’s Burgers but the major Hollywood actors and actresses also came out in support of them as well. Don’t forget to name this new curve D3.

Step #8 – Now that we are at curve D3 suppose that the Surgeon General just released a statement to the press that tainted meat had made its way into 90% of the burgers in the United States. Show what would happen with the demand curve by moving it the appropriate direction and label it D4.

Step #9 – You are now done with the first part of today’s practice. The last thing I want you to do is create your own scenario with a market demand schedule and graphed out demand curve. Then in your scenario I want you to write up three things that came up that would move the demand curve around, both in a good way and a bad way.

I will collect this work when I see you guys again on Monday.

Any problems or concerns that come up please e-mail me at ctyler@Stockton.k12.ca.us I will have my cell phone on me today and will try to answer e-mails when possible.


Chapter 4 – Demand Presentation

Economics – Activities for Understanding Demand

YouTube Video – The Basics of the Demand Curve  (kinda boring  as a video but does a good job of explaining the basics)

YouTube Video – The Basics of Demand and the Demand Curve (Another kinda boring video, but again also does a good job covering the basics of what demand is and does)

Criminal Behavior Header

Today I have to be in a Leadership meeting with other teachers.  While I am gone I want you to continue the work we began yesterday. Yesterday we looked at six ways that the U.S. tries to combat organized crime. Remember that the six ways are: 1.- Specter Gunship 2. Forensic Accountants 3. Undercover Teams 4. Diplomatic Cooperation 5. Electronic Surveillance 6. Special Forces Team. We also discussed the strengths and weaknesses to each. Yesterday period 2 you wrote a short essay. Today I want you to write a five paragraph essay. You will choose three of the six options and explain why you think these three would be the most effective when fighting organized crime. Remember one paragraph for the opening, three for the body (your three options) and then a closing paragraph reminding the reader why they should care. Period 3 yesterday you wrote a first draft of the five paragraph essay. Today I am giving you to take your work, rewrite it neatly, making corrections, additions, and subtractions. For both periods 2 and 3 if you want your original papers back they are on my desk.

I will collect this work on Monday.


Activity – Fighting Organized Crime

PDF – U.S. Dept of Justice – International Crime Fighting Guide – April 2008

PDF – White House Strategy to Combat Transnational Organized Crime – July 2011

Website – Federation of American Scientists