Daily Teaching Summary (4-7-2014)

Economics We headerPeriod 1 – Economics

First, the homework I wanted you to complete over the weekend. I want you to hold onto it till Tuesday the 8th when I get back. Second, today I have to go to the hospital and I apologize for not being here with you today. While I am gone I want you to accomplish several things.

#1 – Create a Venn diagram of Free Market economies vs Centrally Planned economies.  What do they have in common and how are they different?  You are welcome to use the copy paper on top of the bookcase in the front of the room.

#2 – In mixed economies like that in the United States we have businesses that take competition very seriously. So much so in fact these companies make sure to build near each other all the time. For example, where there used to be a Kragen Auto Parts there would always be an Autozone nearby. Where there is a Home Depot there is almost always a Lowes. By yourself or in pairs I want you to try and make a list of businesses that always build near each other. I have 15 tickets to the person or pair who creates the longest and most accurate list.

#3 –  Answer the following questions:

  • Explain how a factory assembly line is an example of specialization.
  • Why are there no 100% pure free markets in the world?
  • Think of three ways your life would change if the U.S. were a pure free market system.
  • List 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages to a free market system.

Any problems or concerns that come up please e-mail me at ctyler@Stockton.k12.ca.us I will have my cell phone on me today and will try to answer e-mails when possible.

Criminal Behavior HeaderPeriods 2,3 – Criminal Behavior

Sorry I have to be gone today. I have to go back into the hospital. I will be back tomorrow though. Last week you began learning about organized crime. While I am gone I want you to write a strategic plan for how to deal with a scenario about organized crime. I have 20 tickets to the person who can come up with the best plan. Here is the scenario:

“You are personally in charge of a task force of 40 anti-gang police officers in the city of Stockton. These men and women are skilled in every aspect of law enforcement from S.W.A.T. (special weapons and tactics) skills to undercover work. A new organized crime group has begun moving into the city. They call themselves “Los Reyes”. Their major activity is illegally distributing drugs and guns. They don’t have a central location yet. They are around the city and working with other gangs.”

What I want you to do is write a step by step plan for how you would use your task force to remove the gang problem from Stockton. For each step of your plan I want you to write what it is and a brief explanation behind why you are taking that step. Remember your Bill of Rights when making your plan. You cannot arrest someone and put them in prison without cause. Remember your “probable cause” from Introduction to Law. You are not allowed to enter a property without probable cause. This step by step plan you are creating should be detailed. You have 90 minutes to work on it. I am going to make this plan worth 100 points because it is such a significant topic and you have a lot of time to work on it. To give you some perspective on what that means. Average daily activities are 25 points. Quizzes are 50. Daily participation points are 10. I just started doing daily participation points this semester.

Any problems or concerns that come up please e-mail me at ctyler@Stockton.k12.ca.us I will have my cell phone on me today and will try to answer e-mails when possible.