Daily Teaching Summary (3-14-2014)

American Government HeaderPERIOD 1 – American Government


TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will complete all three sections of their final by the end of class today.


Today students need to ensure that all three sections of their final are done. If they are not done they have only today to get caught up. If any students has all three sections of the Final completed then they need to be ready for an academic conference with me during this time. This is when I will call off a students name and we will go through their grade to ensure that all assignments are accounted for.

Final Part I – Judicial Review Discussion 

Final Part II – 52 Question district created multiple choice exam

Final Part III –  5 Paragraph essay – “Does being forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance violate your 1st Amendment rights?”


Criminal Behavior HeaderPERIOD 2,3 – Criminal Behavior

TODAY’S TOPIC – How to spot lying

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Today students will practice their basic knowledge of detecting lying by identifying individuals who are.


5 Minutes – Pass back note diagrams students created on Wednesday (3-12-2014) and do a brief review with students on what to look for.

15 Minutes– Students will watch video clips downloaded from YouTube in class. These are random interviews from trial cases, history, and politics. Students will have to identify who they think is lying and why.

30 Minutes – Students will have to practice their newly developed skills in a game. Students will be participating in a modified form of the game entitled “Mafia” that was developed in the USSR by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986. In this game we will start with a whole class. Two students will be randomly selected to be the “Mafia” members. When I say “Night” the Mafia members can get out of their seats and quietly tap one person to let them know they are out of the game and that they have to move to the back. When I say “Day” all students wake up and have 5 minutes to pick two people to remove from the game. The game ends when either the two “Mafia” members are successfully identified or there are no other students left to identify.

10 Minutes – Students will do a written debrief about what they noticed when trying to detect lying.


YouTube Video – 10 Signs That Someone is Lying 

YouTube Video – Cliff Lansley Director of Emotional Intelligence Academy Guest Lecture

YouTube Video – FBI Agent Bill Brown Explains How to Spot Lying 

YouTube Video – How to Spot Lying using Eye Accessing Cues