Daily Teaching Summary (2-24-2014)

American Government HeaderAmerican Government Students – Period 1

Directions: I apologize for having to be gone again. Today you have one main goal. You are going to get a bill ready for Model Congress. On Friday you sketched out a bill in groups of 1-4 people. Today I want you to reform those groups of 1-4 people or you may form new groups of 1-4. Make sure it’s with people you trust because you will be with these people a couple days. You have all period to write up a bill as a group that you would stand behind when presenting it to the rest of the class. Here is the format you need to follow:

Preamble: This section should provide your reasons for the necessity of your bill. Why is your topic something that should be addressed by the government?

Body: This section should be separated into sections and subsections. Each proposed idea for the implementation of the bill should be a section. Subsections should be used to provide further detail and clarification (definitions, etc.) for their appropriate bill sections.

Enactment Clause: This is the final section of the bill (and can be labeled as a section as normal). EACH BILL MUST HAVE AN ENACTMENT CLAUSE!! The enactment clause tells your fellow congressmen when your bill will take effect if passed. It may specify a future date (September 30, 2005) or a certain number of days following the passage of the bill (60 days after passage). Enactment dates within 30 days of passage are used for EMERGENCY legislation only. Enactment dates more than 90 days after passage is used for most legislation and is the enactment period for normal legislation.

Tonight someone in the group needs to take what you have created today home and type it up and then do one of the following: 1. Put it on some sort of flash drive or device to transport it electronically to me. 2. E-mail it to me or 3. Print it out and bring it in tomorrow (2-25-2014). Tomorrow you will be given the directions for how Model Congress works.

Criminal Behavior HeaderCriminal Behavior – Periods 2,3

Directions: I apologize for having to be gone again. Since I have to be gone I want you to get into groups of 1-4 people and discuss the film clips of “Psycho” that you saw last week.. Every member in the group is to have their own paper.  You are going to quietly discuss with each other and write down your answers the following questions:

  1. What mental diagnosis (schizophrenic or multiple personality disorder) did each member of your group come up with for Norman Bates? Explain the reasoning each member of the group used. Did they agree or disagree with your personal assessment?
  2. How did each member of the group classify Norman Bates? As a killer was he disorganized or organized? Explain the reasoning each member of the group used. Did they agree or disagree with your personal assessment?
  3. When did you know that Norman Bates was the murderer? How did you know? Each member of the group needs to state the evidence they noticed in the film that led them to know it was Norman Bates. List all this evidence on your paper.
  4.  Norman Bates is now his mother in his mind. Will he still be dangerous? What does each member of your group think and explain why.