Daily Teaching Summary (2-14-2014)

American Government HeaderPERIOD 1 – American Government

LOCATION – The Election of the President and Media’s Influence on Election Coverage.

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will understand media bias and the electoral college system by analyzing video and writing activity.


LIFE CONNECTION – This is important because we’ll be voting later in life. Its important that every citizen know how the electoral college works. (D.E.)


1st 15 Minutes – Explanation of new teaching format and go over today’s objectives.

2nd 15 Minutes–  Brief  verbal/written discussion and analysis of 2nd Presidential Candidate Debate from 2012. Students will turn in work from yesterday.

3rd 15 Minutes– Students will be introduced to the electoral college and voter behavior and media bias. In addition to notes students will be shown media bias by looking at a couple YouTube videos about Michelle Obama’s Speech to the DNC in 2008.

4th 15 Minutes- Students will write down their opinions on the electoral college method. They will have to take the stance of  it being amended, kept the same, or removed and back it up their beliefs with evidence.

5th 15 Minutes- Students will pass in work, graded papers will be passed back, one student will come up to laptop and write up today’s life connection for all students to see and agree with.

HOMEWORK – Review the Electoral College material.


YouTube Video – Michelle Obama Speech to DNC 2008

YouTube Video – Fox vs MSNBC: Michelle’s Speech

YouTube Video – School House Rock – The Electoral College

STUDENT OF THE DAY – N. DeLaRosa  – This student was recognized by her peers for exemplary work today and contributing to class! (D.E.)

Criminal Behavior HeaderPERIOD 2,3 – Criminal Behavior

LOCATION – Profiling Crime Scenes and Offenders

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will  develop base level crime scene profiling skills by thoroughly analyzing a crime scene map.


LIFE CONNECTION – Its good to know cause what if it happens to us and to know what to look out for. Good to have the knowledge. (A.P)


1st 15 Minutes – Explanation of new teaching format. Go over objectives for today. Prepare classwork.

2nd 15 Minutes– Students will receive their crime scene papers and be briefed on the background of the crime.

3rd 15 Minutes– Students will begin analyzing the crime scene in groups of 3.

4th 15 Minutes-  Students will pass in their papers. Papers will be shuffled and sent back out to random students with a six trait rubric. Students will be peer reviewing each others work. Students are not grading or touching the original paper. They are to mark only on the rubric.

5th 15 Minutes- Students will pass in papers and one student will come up to the laptop and type up today’s Life Connection for all students to see and agree to.

HOMEWORK – Review material on profiling organized vs disorganized killers.


Psychological Profiling of Homicidal Offenders

Directions for Crime Scene Analysis Activity

Crime Scene Profiling Activity

Chavez Writing Six Trait Rubric

STUDENT OF THE DAY- 2nd Period – G. Esquivel – This student needs to be recognized for asking good questions today and for helping another student on their work.