Daily Teaching Summary (2-13-2014)

American Government HeaderPERIOD 1 – American Government

LOCATION –Nomination Process of the President and Media’s Influence on Elections

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Student’s will have a basic understanding of the nomination process of becoming president and media’s influence on elections

LIFE CONNECTION – Understanding the media’s influence over you is important. For example, many Americans believe being a Criminal Profiler is a fast paced, exciting, sexy job because that is what most Americans understand from watching shows like “Criminal Minds”. The reality is that being a Criminal Profiler is a very stressful unappreciated job with a low success rate of creating a very accurate portrayal of the person being profiled. Often times law enforcement has to wait until the killer makes a mistake before they can catch them.

TEACHING SUMMARY – With today being a half day we almost wrapped up our analysis of the 2nd Presidential debate. Students had created a column for “Issue” “Romney” and “Obama”. Students wrote down the issue that was brought up for the two candidates to respond to and then the responses of both candidates.

HOMEWORK – Student’s should be studying the seven steps to becoming President of the United States. Students received a handout with the seven steps on Tuesday (2-11-2014). This steps are also posted for students under “Daily Teaching Summary (2-11-2014).

STUDENT OF THE DAY – A. Hardware – This student needs to be recognized for great comments and contributions to class analysis of the 2nd Presidential Debate today!

Criminal Behavior HeaderPERIOD 2,3 – Criminal Behavior

LOCATION –Introduction to Criminal Profiling

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will have a basic understanding of profiling killers by looking at the difference between organized and disorganized killers.

LIFE CONNECTION – A great skill to have when thinking about a law enforcement career is the ability to profile a killer based off of evidence from one or more crime scenes.

TEACHING SUMMARY – Today student’s were given more in depth knowledge of organized vs disorganized killers. This information was broken down from the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation) B.A.U. (Behavioral Analysis Unit)’s training program. Students will next be going through the cases they examined more on Tuesday (2-12-2014) and developing a more in-depth profile of the killer.

HOMEWORK – Tonight I want you looking over the notes you took in class today and thinking about the introduction material to profiling. We will be picking up tomorrow where we left off today. If you missed any notes in class today you can download them here: Psychological Profiling of Homicidal Offenders. If you want to look over the crime  scenes from yesterday click here: Psychlotron.org.uk Criminological Profiling Activity

STUDENT OF THE DAY – D. Talavera – This student needs to be recognized for being a role model to peers in class. He is good about taking notes, paying attention, and asking good questions from time to time.