Daily Teaching Summary (2-12-2014)

American Government HeaderPERIOD 1 – American Government

LOCATION – Nomination Process of the President and Media’s Influence on Elections

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Student’s will have a basic understanding of the nomination process of becoming president and media’s influence on elections

LIFE CONNECTION – Understanding the media’s influence over you is important. For example, many Americans believe being a Criminal Profiler is a fast paced, exciting, sexy job because that is what most Americans understand from watching shows like “Criminal Minds”. The reality is that being a Criminal Profiler is a very stressful unappreciated job with a low success rate of creating a very accurate portrayl of the person being profiled. Often times law enforcement has to wait until the killer makes a mistake before they can catch them.

TEACHING SUMMARY – Today, due to student vote, we put the “Bob Roberts” assignment on hold and began looking at the process of becoming president of the United States. Students participated in several activities to think over the process and to identify the types of people that generally run for office. We finished up today by looking at the 2nd Presidential Candidate debate from the 2012 Presidential race between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama.

HOMEWORK – Student’s should be studying the seven steps to becoming President of the United States. Students received a handout with the seven steps on Tuesday (2-11-2014). This steps are also posted for students under “Daily Teaching Summary (2-11-2014).

STUDENT OF THE DAY – B. Ieremia – This student has been turning great written work and needs to be recognized today!

Criminal Behavior HeaderPERIOD 2,3 – Criminal Behavior

LOCATION – Introduction to Offender Profiling

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will have a basic understanding of profiling killers by looking at the difference between organized and disorganized killers.

LIFE CONNECTION – A great skill to have when thinking about a law enforcement career is the ability to profile a killer base off of evidence from one or more crime scenes.

TEACHING SUMMARY – Today students were introduced to Criminal Profiling. Students broke down the FBI descriptions of an “organized killer” and a “disorganized killer” into simple easy to reference bullet points. Next students looked over three mock crime scenes with background information about the murder on the side. From this information students did the following three steps:

1.  Identify the killer as either organized or disorganized

2. Stated evidence to back up their belief about their classification of the type of killer.

3. Developed a basic profile of the killer (Example: young, male, probably violent tendency, etc)

HOMEWORK – Tonight I want you looking over the notes you took in class today and thinking about the introduction material to profiling. We will be picking up tomorrow where we left off today.

STUDENT OF THE DAY – K. Lo – This student needs to be recognized for her contributions to class discussion. She has not only had helpful comments in class but also are shared information with the class that we all didn’t know. Information she learned from another of her law classes. Excellent work!