Daily Teaching Summary (2-3-2014)

American Government Header

PERIOD 1 – American Government

LOCATION – Stage 3 Steps 2 & 7

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Student s will be introduced to the nomination process and media’s influence on elections by examining video clips from a mockumentary enetitled “Bob Roberts”.


RH 11-12.8 – Evaluate an author’s premises, claims, and evidence by corroborating or challenging them with other
information. We are comparing and contrasting what our American Government books say to what these video clips say is the “real method”.

LIFE CONNECTION –As you grow older you will live through severla presidential elections. Its important to know the process involved in getting elected as well as how the media has the ability to influence your vote.

TEACHING SUMMARY – Today I reminded students about what was due and when. Then we began to look at media and the election process by examining film clips of “Bob Roberts”. This is an introductory activity. After this we will be looking at what the law says about the nomination process and examining how the media influences our opinions on real election covereage by examining the presidential race from 2012.

HOMEWORK – Students need to go to this weeks discussion by clicking HERE and posting their comment by Wednesday (2-5-2014). Students have till midnight tonight to get their political parties into me if they have not already dont so. Lastly students are to finish going over the State of the Union Speech by President Obama last week and summarize its main points by tomorrow.

STUDENT OF THE DAY –  O. Flores – This student needs to be recognized for the work he has been doing on the assignments he has turned in. He is working and trying hard in class despite the fact its second semester right before graduating. I am proud of this student for not falling victim to “Senioritis”.

U.S. Capital Building

Criminal Behavior Header

PERIOD 2,3 – Criminal Behavior

LOCATION – Stage 3 Step 1 Task #4

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will practice diagnosing mood disorders by examining fictional characters.


WHST 9-10.9 – Draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.

LIFE CONNECTION – For those of you thinking about law enforcement its beneficial to read people to determine their motive of behavior. This same skill is also needed if you are thinking about the business world for the same reason.

TEACHING SUMMARY – Students wrapped up practicing identifying mood disorders in psychiatric patients by examining video clips from the film K-PAX. Students finished working on the question sheet that was handed out to each student to fill out and take notes on throughout the film clips. Question sheet: K-PAX Worksheet (DOCX) K-PAX Worksheet (PDF)

HOMEWORK – The writing prompt for this week was just posted. Click HERE to be taken directly to the discussion. You have from now till Wednesday (2-5-2014) to write your “comment” for this weeks discussion.

STUDENT OF THE DAY – S. Gonzalez – This student needs to be recognized for her work, both in class and at home. She did well on her formal written paper on criminal behavior in U.S. schools as compared to two other nations. Additionally, she consistently contributes to classroom discussion.

Criminal Background