Daily Teaching Summary (1-22-2014)

American Government HeaderPERIOD 1 – American Government

LOCATION – Stage 1 Step 6

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will learn the Bill of Rights to 85% accuracy

C.C.S.S. STANDARDS ADDRESSED – RH 11-12.1 – Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources, connecting insights gained from specific details to an understanding of the text as a whole.

LIFE CONNECTION – I don’t think too many people checked out this link yesterday so I want to post it again today. What would life be like without the Bill of Rights? Play this fun game through the Bill of Rights Institute and see! – Bill of Rights Institute – Life with Rights.

TEACHING SUMMARY – Today students were given their first exam. This exam analyzes the Bill of Rights and gives students mulitple paths to prove their knowledge. Students were allowed to work on the exam during the whole class period today. Due to the fact many still needed time due to the four Constitutional scenarios I said they could take the exam home. However, because I am allowing this exam to go home I am going to critically grade everyone’s answers.

HOMEWORK – Finish up the Bill of Rights exam and be ready to turn it in first thing in the morning

STUDENT OF THE DAY – F. Sarabia Haro – This student needs to be recognized for her ability to focus on her exam today.

Criminal Behavior HeaderPERIOD 2 – Criminal Behavior

LOCATION – Stage 1 Step 8

TEACHING OBJECTIVE – Students will understand the risks associated with gangs to 95% accuracy and will assist in developing a “avoiding gang recruitment guide”.


WHST 9-10.1 – Write arguments focused on discipline-specific content.

a. Introduce precise claim(s), distinguish the claim(s) from alternate or opposing claims, and create an organization that establishes clear relationships among the claim(s),counterclaims, reasons, and evidence.

b. Develop claim(s) and counterclaims fairly, supplying data and evidence for each while pointing out the strengths and limitations of both claim(s) and counterclaim

LIFE CONNECTION – Stage 1 Step 8 Task #8 I gave you a link to a report about the non legal consequences of joining a gang. This report talks about how if you join a gang it will affect your family, your life expectation, your ability to do well in school, and even your odds of finding work later in life.

TEACHING SUMMARY – Today students were introduced to the D.A.R.E. method of decision making. When you are having to make a choice you need to  D – define the probem A- assess R – respond E- evaluate. Following this introduction students were given five scenarios to practice using the D.A.R.E. decision making method on. After this we spent some time in class looking over statistics for extended sentencing and were shown some video examples of how gang problems do not go away even after people have been sent to prison.

HOMEWORK – Tonight the only thing I want you focused on is the paper that is due tomorrow. Some people have already e-mailed me their work, or given me rough drafts to correct, and I want to thank them for already being done. However, I know many students are still not done so please make sure to use your time tonight well.

STUDENT OF THE DAY – M. Rualizo – This student needs to be recognized for her contributions to class discussion. She has made good points and asked great questions about material.

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