Daily Teaching Summary (12-19-2013)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective =Students are to demonstrate prosecution, defense, jury, and witness skills with minimum 80% accuracy.

Teaching Summary = Today was part #2 of the Introduction to Law students final exam as well as a minimum day so I only saw periods 1 & 2. Today was focused on jury deliberation and ¬†on students answering the debriefing questions afterwards. Period one ended up being a hung jury. Their final vote came to 11-5 in favor of guilty. Period two also ended up being a hung jury. Their final vote came to 10-6 in favor of guilty. Lastly student were told about the Fall 2013 online course survey I wanted them to take. You can find it just below this post. It is entitled “Student Finals Week Questionnaire (12/19/2013 – 12/20/2013). I reminded the students that when they vote it is anonymous so they can be completely honest. There are four questions to answer about the course and I would appreciate their input. All Intro to Law students will vote on the same questions. Lastly, for Periods 1 & 2 I hope to have your grades finished by later this afternoon. You can see your final grade on the “grades” page.

Homework = If you have not taken the “Student Finals Week Questionnaire 12/19/2013 – 12/20/2013” I would apprecite your input.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = A. Grisby – This student needs to be recognized for his work yesterday during mock trial. He note only made a good witness on the stand who knew his background and could answer questions well, he also stepped up and played the defendent when the student who was supposed to play the defendent did not show.

STUDENT OF THE DAY (HONORABLE MENTION) = D. Talavera – This student needs to be recognized for his work throughout the semester. He has continuously contributed to the class. He has brought up good ideas for improving course assignments and teaching strategies. He has even acted like a leader amongst his peers when called upon to do so.