Daily Teaching Summary (12-17-2013)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective = Practice Trial Skills

Teaching Summary = Today all Introduction to Law students were taken to the book room to return their books. If you did not have your book to return today make sure you bring it tomorrow. Period 2 Law Students experienced their first “duck and cover” drill this semester. Today was also our last practice trial before the mock trial final tomorrow. Students were shown where they would lose points in court today and were given tips as to how to better conduct themselves in a courtroom.

Homework = Continue studying the case of People-v-McGrew. Make sure you are prepared for two roles tomorrow. Here are the key elements I will be looking for in each role tomorrow:

Prosecution/ Defense Teams: 

1. Good opening argument

2. Good questions for witnesses

3. Good closing argument


1. Knowing your statement inside and out.

2. Being able to answer questions asked of you like how your person would.


Day 1: Trial

1. Paying attention to the case

2. Taking notes

Day 2: Jury Deliberation

1. Being able to state your position of guilty or not guilty and the sound reason why.

2. Critically thinking about the case with your fellow jurors based on the evidence and testimony presented to you.

3. If you change your vote of guilty or not guilty being able to state why.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = S. Gonzalez – This student needs to be recognized for their good work on the defense team in mock trial today. She made a good opening statement and had great questions for the witnesses.