Daily Teaching Summary (12-13-2013)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective = Students will exercise their skills at mock trial to see where they stand with being prepared for court.

Teaching Summary =Today students, due to the votes from yesterdays survey, all three classes did their first practice mock trial. I have to say that all three classes did well for their first official attempt at mock trial. Students were told each period what they were doing well and what they needed to work on to make sure they dont loose points on the final exam version of this mock trial case. Additionally, students were told about the new “Contact Me” tab on the website. I have posted my e-mail account, Twitter, and Instagram links here. Students were also told today that I created both a Twitter and a Instagram profile for this website so that I can send out reminders on these sites or news alerts about class or new content posted to this site.

Homework = Study the court case of People v. McGrew – People-v-McGrew. The one key weakness I saw in each class period today was that those playing witnesses did not remember enough about their particular character.

STUDENT OF THE DAY =A. Aguirre – This student needs to be recognized for her great work in Mock Trial today. She had good questions for all witnesses and did the prosecution proud today!