Daily Teaching Summary (12-12-2013)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective = Demonstrate critical thinking skills that jury members are expected to have

Teaching Summary = Today we had our first homeroom of 2013-2014. We focused on academic review of transcripts. Students got copies of their transcripts and a form to fill out ┬áso they can see if they are on track to graduate from high school and are qualified to continue on to a CSU or UC. For this first home room students did not keep these papers, they just filed them out, discussed, and returned them. Students in the Law & Order SLC were told about TitanLawAndOrder.com and its features, including the student career survey. In regular class students turned in their essays from the previous day. We also reviewed some of the newer material that was added to this site. Additionally, students helped contribute ideas to how to improve the site. Lastly, Students were asked to please vote in the appropriate class period’s mock trial confidence survey regarding mock trial. Depending on how the vote comes out tonight, Friday’s lesson will either be their first practice mock trial (grades will not be assigned, but mock trial will be stopped to show where students would be loosing points if they were being graded) or we will continue breaking down the court case of Michigan v. McGrew further (PDF file is now located under the Introduction to Law tab of the Lessons Archive. Just click on “Lessons Archive” then click on “Introduction to Law & The Legal System” and then scroll down to “Mock Trial Cases” you will find “People v. McGrew”).

Homework = If you have not already taken the student mock trial confidence survey (12-12-2013) please do so tonight.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = J. Padilla – This student needs to be recognized for her contributions to class discussion today and ideas for improving MrTylersLessons.com