Daily Teaching Summary (12-11-2013)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective = Practice critical thinking skills and writing together.

Teaching Summary =Today I have to be gone for a teacher leadership meeting. The assignment I want you to complete is listed below. Additionally, I have attached a couple of PDF files underneath to help you.

Today you are going to write another five paragraph essay using the information you have learned over the last week and a half. Here is content structure:

Paragraph 1 – Introduce the reader to the murder case in “12 Angry Men” and the case in Michigan v. McGrew. You are going to just briefly describe the cases. Who were the victims? How did they die? Who were the defendants? What punishments are the defendants going to receive if they are found guilty?

Paragraph 2 – Explain the court case and evidence that the jurors in “12 Angry Men” had to analyze. Examples: the switchblade knife, the old man who lived below the boy and his father’s testimony, the woman who lived across the train tracks testimony.

Paragraph 3 – Explain the court case and evidence in Michigan v. McGrew. Who saw what and when? What evidence is there?

Paragraph 4 – How are both these cases similar? What are some inconsistencies in both cases? Examples: In “12 Angry Men” they proved that an old man with a bad leg could not cross a 12 foot space in his bedroom then a 43 foot stretch to his front door in less than 15 seconds so this means his testimony is false. In Michigan v. McGrew we have determined as a class that there is a 4 minute gap in the response time stated by the first police officer on scene and when the witnesses say he actually arrived.

Paragraph 5 – Wrap it up. Why is it important to pay attention, analyze testimony, and evidence as a juror member? Remember in “12 Angry Men” an 18 year old boy faces the death penalty and in our mock trial Dannie McGrew is facing a 20 year sentence if found guilty.

Helpful Material: Below I have attached two PDF files to help you.

12 Angry Men Script – Here is the complete script to the movie 12 Angry Men. If you need to remember anything about the film or who said what and when click on this file to re-read a section.

12 Angry Men Text Guide – Anica Boulanger – This is a great break down of the movie and its characters by Anica Boulanger.