Daily Teaching Summary (12-9-2013)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Summary = Today the entire Social Studies department met for Literacy Training by Catapult Learning. It was a great training on how to better assist students with developing their writing skills. As a result of this training though our department was not in class today so students were left with an assignment to be completed during their time with the sub. These instructions for the assignment were written largely on the black board:

Step 1: Grab any seat (Don’t move desks)

Step 2: Grab a copy of the Michigan v. McGrew case packet up front.

Step 3: You will be writing an opening argument for our mock trial case of Michigan v. Mcgrew (assignment value: 100 pts).

Step 4:  You may  pick if your are prosecution or defense.

Step 5: Your opening argument will be a full 5 paragraph essay.

Step 6: Begin your  first paragraph with “Your Honor and ladies and gentlemen of the jury”.

Step 7: Paragraph Format: Statement: (your  claim) Evidence:  (material in the case packet to back up your statements).

Step 8: When finished hold onto your work and put case packet back up front.

Hint: Think of this as writing a five paragraph essay explaining why you feel McGrew is not guilty or guilty.