Daily Teaching Summary (12-5-2013)


Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective =Practicing trial procedure

Teaching Summary = Today we took a step back from actively practicing the mock trial of Michigan v McGrew (PDF is posted under Daily Teaching Summary 12-3-2013). All three periods broke down the information in written form today. We analyzed the victim, defendent, witness #1, and witness #2. We listed the important information that needed to be noted on each of these people. Tomorrow we will pick up where we left off today. Tomorrow will begin at Step 6 of trial procedure for period 1 and Step 5 for Periods 2 & 3.

Homework = Studying your nine steps in trial procedure

STUDENT OF THE DAY = T. Torres – This student needs to recognized for asked several good questions and making two great observations when breaking down the court case data today.