Daily Teaching Summary (12-4-2013)

Periods 1,2, & 3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective = To prepare students for mock trial by introducing them to a case and having them walk through the trial procedure.

Teaching Summary = Today students were introduced to the court case of Michigan v. McGrew. Period 1 was spent looking over the trial material. Periods 2 & 3 looked over the case and then began the trial. Today was just practice mock trial. Tomorrow I want to begin the trial again but after doing some different prep work. The court case can be found on the website under Daily Teaching Summary (12-3-2013) click on the “Michigan v. McGrew” and it will open a PDF file on your computer with all the case material. Below are some photos of how the classroom courtroom was set up.





Homework =Tonight you need to be studying the nine trial procedure steps you learned. There will be a quiz tomorrow after the warm-up (12-5-2013)

STUDENT OF THE DAY = Today I found it very difficult to choose just one student for “Student of the Day”. There were three very impressive students that stood out today and I believe all three need to be recognized.

STUDENT OF THE DAY #1= P. Aguilera – This student spent significantly more time on the case by comparison to classroom peers and also developed three very good questions for the prosecution to ask the witnesses tomorrow.

STUDENT OF THE DAY #2 = T. Caldwell – Today was about practice mock trial so students did not have much time to prepare questions, opening statements, or closing statements. That did not stop Ms Caldwell from delivering an amazing opening argument to the jury.

STUDENT OF THE DAY #3 = A. Thornton – Despite having peers around her that had to consistently be redirected to get back on task this student still did a good job of playing a jury member. She took very good notes on what was said in court by the witnesses, the prosecution, as well as the defense.