Daily Teaching Summary (12-3-2013)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective = Understanding trial procedure and basic courtroom objections

Teaching Summary = Today was primarily wrapping up the introduction to trial procedure material that was presented yesterday. Periods 2 & 3 took a quiz on trial procedure. The results are posted below. Period 1 did not have to take this quiz due to the fact they did not get as far as periods 2 & 3.  Students were shown the results of yesterday’s poll concerning if students felt the lesson helped their understanding of trial procedure. A large number of students voted “yes”. If you have not voted yet go back to 12-2-2013 and vote please. Thank you. Tomorrow we will begin pre-trial on a murder/self-defense case. If you would like to read up on the case before tomorrow to prepare yourself I have posted it here: People-v-McGrew.

Period 2 Intro to Trial Procedure Quiz Results

Period 2 resultsPeriod 3 Intro to Trial Procedure Quiz Results

Period 3 Results

Homework = Tonight you need to be studying the nine trial procedure steps you learned. There will be a quiz tomorrow after the warm-up (12-4-2013)

STUDENT OF THE DAY = M. Vongsuwan – This student needs to be recognized for his extra effort in researching a career field he is interested in. Mr Vongsuwan expressed interest in joining the Army awhile ago and then took the extra steps to start researching this field on his own and also got in touch with active military personnel to hear what they thought about life in the Army.