Daily Teaching Summary (12-2-2013)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective = Understanding trial procedure

Teaching Summary = When we left for Thanksgiving Break students had showed that they had learned what a judge does (11-22-2013) as well as the significance and function of  a  jury (11-20-2013). Students also showed a basic understanding of the roles of the six key courtroom participants (Judge, jury, attorneys, court reporter, bailiff, witnesses/experts) as well as the layout of a courtroom. Today students were introduced to trial procedure as a class. Over the break I had broken down the process into nine principal steps that we used today to start making a Mock Trial “Cheat Sheet” for their use in the two practice Mock Trials before their final Mock Trial at the end of the semester. Today we covered the first four in Period 1 and the first six in Periods 2 & 3. These steps were:

Step 1: Pre-Trial Prep – Getting familiar with evidence & witnesses

Step 2: Information Gathering – Research, locating experts, review evidence

Step 3:  Pre-Trial Hearing –Arraignment, Plea bargaining, Review of evidence in court

Step 4: Jury Selection – Questionnaire, Look for unbiased jurors.

Step 5: Opening Statements – Prosecution then defense

Step 6: Prosecution presents their case – Order:

Direct Examination – Prosecution

Cross Examination – Defense

Re-direct – Prosecution

Recross – Defense

Step 7: Defense presents their case – Order:

Direct Examination – Defense

Cross Examination – Prosecution

Re-direct – Defense

Re-cross – Prosecution

Step 8: Closing Arguments – Defense speaks first then prosecution

Step 9: Judge gives jury instructions, they will then deliberate and provide a verdict. Judge decides sentencing.

I used video clips from the law based film “My Cousin Vinny” in order to show students what each of the steps looked like. Before students left class today I told them and showed them the new polling ability that I added to this site. Speaking of which, law students, I would like you to answer the poll question below as soon as possible.

Homework = Tonight you need to be studying the six trial procedure steps you learned. There will be a quiz tomorrow after the warm-up (12-3-2013)

STUDENT OF THE DAY =M. Fernandez – I believe this student needs to be recognized for her work ethic. She arrives every day early to class prepared and ready to learn. She is also always ready to answer the warm-up questions or assist in class.