Winter Vacation Update (12-31-2013)

Good Morning!

I just finished developing the American Government page. I encourage seniors that have me next semester to take a look over it so you can see the stages/steps and goals/objectives that I have in place for you. The course has been built to address the California State Standards and the new Common Core State Standards. For Criminal Behavior students I hope to have your course page finished by Friday (1-3-2014) so you can see what this next semester will look like for you. Both of these pages may be found by clicking on the “Lessons Archive” tab at the top of this page and scrolling down to the desired course and clicking on it.


Mr. Tyler

Winter Vacation Update (12-24-2013)


I hope everyone has been having a relaxing and happy vacation so far. Recently I have been adding material to the website and moving/renaming tabs. If you are wondering where something has gone click on the “An Introduction Page (State Here)”. I make sure this page is up to date. For American Government students I will be having in January I will be adding content to the American Government page soon so you can see the order we will be tackling everything. Same for Criminal Behavior students. I will be adding material to your page shortly as well. Take care all!


Mr. Tyler

Daily Teaching Summary (12-20-2013)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to law

Teaching Objective = Students are to demonstrate prosecution, defense, jury, and witness skills with minimum 80% accuracy.

Teaching Summary = Today was the second day of finals so it was Period 3 Introduction to Law students turn to take part II of the mock trial final. Students, like yesterday, were focused on jury deliberation and answering the debriefing questions before leaving class. I did change a couple things about how I taught today versus yesterday. Due to the fact that yesterday periods 1 & 2 both ended up being hung juries I decided to have five small juries rather than one large jury. All juries effectively had about 30 minutes of deliberation time with me wandering group to group to see how each jury was thinking and voting. At the end of their deliberations they came to the following verdicts:

Jury #1 – ( 7 members) – HUNG JURY (4-3 in favor of not guilty)

Jury #2 – ( 5 members) – GUILTY (unanimous)

Jury #3 – (5 members) – GUILTY(unanimous)

Jury #4 – (6 members) – NOT GUILTY(unanimous)

Jury #5 – ( 4 members)- GUILTY(unanimous)

Following the jury deliberations students answered the Mock Trial Debriefing Questions. Lastly, over the course of this semester students have been asking me what is the most accurate law show on television. Last night I did some research and it turns out that the series “Law & Order”, that began back in 1995, remains the most recognized, even by the American Bar Association, as being the most accurate law show. So today during the last fourty five minutes I showed students some clips from the original “Law & Order” series and we discussed the cases they depicted.

Homework =  If you have not taken the “Student Finals Week Questionnaire 12/19/2013 – 12/20/2013″ I would apprecite your input. Just keep scrolling down from this post. You will see it posted just prior to yesterdays teaching summary.

STUDENTS OF THE DAY = With today being the last day of the semester I want to recognize several students for their work this semester who have not yet been mentioned.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = O. Lopez – This student needs to be recognized for her hard work all semester. She did a great job breaking down assignments and utilizing her critical thinking skills to the best of her ability.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = C. Ochoa – This student needs to be recognized for his hard work as well. He has excellent skills at assessing a criminal or civil case and the intentions of their participants.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = A. Perez – This student needs to be recognized for her work, sense of caring, and natural leadership ability.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = L. Barajas – This student needs to be recognized for his attentiveness. He is always observing his environment and can track the lessons and his peers at the same time.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = A. Booker – This student needs to be recognized for his maturity. Over the course of this semester this young man has always acted in a mature manner.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = C. Davis – This student is a hard worker and very good at documenting evidence.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = J. Yanez – This student has a good work ethic and really cares about her peers. If another student near her needed help she was quick to lend a hand. 

STUDENT OF THE DAY = G. Gonzales – This student tried very hard all semester and never quit. 

STUDENT OF THE DAY = D. Smiley – This student has excellent critical thinking skills and is good at assessing a situation. 

STUDENT OF THE DAY = G. Robles – This student is a hard worker and I believe will be a good leader.

STUDENT OF THE DAY =V. Yang – A very intelligent young man with a strong work ethic.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = A. Kumar – A very intelligent young lady who is good at breaking down information.

STUDENT OF THE DAY = J. Ramirez – Also a very intelligent young lady who is good at breaking down information.