Daily Teaching Summary (11-18-13)

Periods 1,2,3 = Introduction to Law

Teaching Objective = Student’s will understand how to navigate MrTylersLessons.com so that self navigation can be achieved.

Teaching Summary = Today the classes looked over the website and all the new material added to it. Students were shown the “notable websites” link where great education based websites can be found for a variety of topics. It covers everything from working on an online course to music to math. I built this page to offer students more resources for learning both in school and out. Then I introduced the students to the “Former Student Quotes” page. This page contains quotes by former students of mine about why they feel education is important. These quotes really come from the heart because every one of these students was recently in high school and now has been out in the real world for several years. Lastly the students were shown the “Student Resources” page. Here I upload documents that could help students. Right now I only have a career interest test on this page from the South Dakota DLR. Its a very good career interest test. I recommend everyone in high school and college look it over. It can really help you find a great job in life. After we finished looking at the website the students saw the video that a former student of mine, now in law school at Cornell, made for them to answer their various questions about what law school is like. Also starting today I want to start recognizing one student per day over the internet. For confidentiality purposes I am going to not say the student’s name but their ID number.

Homework =

1. Students were given a printed copy of the Notice to Parents to take home and have signed.

2. Keep studying the Mock Trial – Summary of Trial Procedures

STUDENT OF THE DAY: M. Villaobos = I want to congratulate this student on her hard work in class and ability to pay attention to presented material! WAY TO GO  M. Villaobos!!