Thanksgiving Break Update (11-29-2013)


As promised I am offering you an extra credit opportunity for over the break. As you already know you are supposed to have been studying your Summary of Trial Procedures for the last two weeks. It is still posted under the Mock Trial material under the Introduction to Law tab on the Lesson Archives. I am also posting it here for your convenience: Mock Trial – Summary of Trial Procedures. I am offering 150 extra credit points to any student who writes a fictional law story about a trial in which the characters in the story go through the trial procedures. This story is due Wednesday December 4th, 2013. It is the Wednesday of the week we return from break. Be prepared for more quizzes based on this document when we return. Many of you have been bringing your grades up and I am proud of you for that, I want you to keep studying hard and bringing those grades even higher. Also once again, please go back to the 11-24-2013 update (just scroll down from this post) and answer the survey question if you have not already. Thank you!